Imagine Headwaters: Planning Our Hospital’s Future Together

In our daily lives, most of us don’t think about our community hospital or its future; but at some point, we will all need its support: From healing broken bones and delivering babies, to preventing and treating illness – our community should always feel confident in knowing Headwaters is there when it matters most.

How can we care better for the health and wellness of you and your family? What do you want to see your community hospital doing in the future?

Your Hospital. Your Voice. Our Future.

We want you to help us plan our future together. We want to learn more from you.

We have launched our website, so you can learn more, find ways to participate and tell us what matters most to you at your community hospital

Our work involves a significant amount of consultation and engagement with people who work and volunteer in the hospital and with those who rely on Headwaters for care and with our community partners.