Wow, talk about a community that cares about, and that wants to get involved in the future of its local hospital! Through our Imagine Headwaters campaign, we heard from over 2,500 people about their care experience as well as about their hopes and aspirations for the future of Headwaters Health Care Centre. We heard from a wide range of people from youth to older adults, from patients and family members, to staff, physicians and volunteers.

Our community survey received over 1,500 responses with just as many thoughtful comments about what makes Headwaters a strong community hospital and how to make it even better. That there is widespread community pride and support in our hospital, in its physicians, staff, volunteers and Friendship Gardens

Five clear themes emerged from our conversations:

  1. To have more programs and services closer to home.
  2. To ensure timely access to the Emergency Department and to Diagnostic Imaging Services.
  3. To improve coordination and communication within the hospital as well as with community partners and care providers.
  4. There is widespread experience of compassionate-person-centred care at Headwaters.
  5. There is a desire to ensure our hospital is well-funded and well-maintained.

Our communities feedback and input from our staff, physicians and community partners are helping guide the development of our strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.

This spring, we will complete our Report to the Community (Annual Report) and our Strategic Plan. This will lay out our shared vision for the future of health care at Headwaters.

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