We set a goal of 1,000 surveys at the start of our outreach campaign and we made it! But of course, we’re not stopping here.

To everyone coming to Headwaters for care or to visit their loved ones, or those who work at Headwaters who have given us feedback, we say thank you.

Did you know that Headwaters is 1 of 23 medium-sized hospitals providing care to over 140 communities in Ontario?

So many of us in Dufferin County-Caledon depend on our community hospitals and our local partners to provide us with health services when we need it.

Over the summer we will continue reaching out to the citizens in our community, our staff and friends and relatives.

The top five key themes:
1. Widespread experience of compassionate, person/family-centred care.
2. Community desire to expand services closer to home and to have easier access and connections to home and community care and other health partners.
3. Strong community pride in hospital, staff, physicians, volunteers and the gardens at the hospital.
4. Desire for timelier access to the emergency department and diagnostic services.
5. Recognition of evolving facility needs.

Your voice counts. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what’s important to you in your community hospital and local health system.

Next, we’ll bring more news to you about what we’ve heard and how your feedback will be used.