On Saturday, May 12, we met market-goers from Orangeville and surrounding communities and a couple from as far away as Australia.

Over 60 people completed our hospital feedback survey, while others took information to complete at home.

Many were willing to share their experiences and ideas about the future of their community hospital.

Once again, we heard how important the community hospital is for people, countless examples of staff dedication (even remembering the names of people who treated them) and volunteers were also saluted for their kindness and generosity in stressful times. We heard about positive experiences with obstetrical care, successful surgeries and ambulatory care treatment (chemotherapy) close to home.

Others wanted to know more about hospital wait times, how decisions are made in the emergency department to treat patients and what the plan was to refurbish older parts of the hospital, like bathrooms for instance and some waiting areas.

We value all feedback and are grateful for people who are willing to tell their stories.

We are at the Orangeville market again on Saturday, May 19th and head to Shelburne’s Farmer’s Market next month and hope to have many more conversations about Headwaters Health Care Centre and the importance of a community-hospital in the region.