We had a chance to talk to residents of Caledon on Saturday during the Annual Headwaters’ Fundraising BBQ at Howard’s the Butcher’s Meats and Deli.

We had great conversations with people out on a sunny Saturday. Seventy-seven per cent of those who completed our survey said they were satisfied that Headwaters provided Good to Excellent service while Ninety-four per cent would likely or definitely recommend the hospital to family and friends.

Specific suggestions for improvement we heard included:

  • Offering clearer instructions to patients and families when leaving the hospital
  • Different colors on the walls, to make it ‘more happy’
  • Understanding why emergency wait times are the way they are; more comfortable waiting room in the ED
  • Latest technology throughout the hospital

Headwaters’ greatest value to the community:

  • the Midwifery Team for their excellent service
  • mammography services at Headwaters through the Ontario Breast Screening Program
  • overall excellent quality of care provided; including diagnosis and treatment
  • kind and caring staff; fast and friendly service
  • importance of a community hospital nearby especially with an aging population
  • Ambulatory Care Centre provides excellent service (specific comment about chemotherapy)

Thanks to everyone who stopped to talk to us and give their feedback. Thanks to owners Ann Dunbar and Howard Beckett and their staff for their continued support for their community hospital.

This year’s their 21st year in business.  We wish them many more years of excellent service to the community.